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I'm a website admin

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Everything goes smart in 2019, website is not the unacceptable.

Be it a personal profile or business-based website, it must be beautiful, effective, real impressive, communicative competence, better performance, all in all.. Be a smart one.

That's why RVsitebuilder is one of the change-makers before these are to follow in the short near future.

See following to know how RVsitebuilder helps your website a smart one.

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Real Easy

The EASIEST website builder we ever had. All drag-and-drop features, save-to-publish function which makes your website go online in one click – two blinks – three seconds.

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Ready-made Beautiful

New structure in our templates make your website a perfect responsive beautiful one. The banners, the images, the branding are all well-designed.

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Ready-to-use Marketing Tool

Building a website is not only its beautiful that RVsitebuider from now on is talking about, but a real effective website is a must! SEO setup and website performance report are in your hand. No need to hire professional to do it for you while you can do it and enjoy doing it!

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Handy Web Admin Tools

Manage your website with full featured authentication system, and welcome back your long-awaited Member Area!

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Email Templates

Keep contact with your website visitors and customers with the email templates.

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Sidebar Layout

Your long-lost friend is back! Sidebar to present and gain more attention from your website visitors. News, new promotion, new Blog post, put them here in Sidebar to be more visible.

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Aside from making online articles, Blog will make your website easier accessible by new visitors. They search some tips on search engine, found your blog, it's directly connected to your main website!

See full features list of RVsitebuilder here.

Reaching to this line, you may want to create or improve your website as a smart one.

If you're finding RVsitebuilder, it's as simple as to contact your host provider to ask if they have RVsitebuilder in their service for you.

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I'm a Laravel Developer

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RVsitebuilder welcomes all Laravel developers to change the world together!

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Per-server license, unlimited domains

One license per a server to save cost. You can run unlimited domains with RVsitebuilder without more purchase.

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Control panels and non-control panel supported

RVsitebuilder is available for your server doesn't matter it's running on a control panel or not.

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Full-featured CMS

Feel free to use all features in RVsitebuilder, it's no limited of use. See full features here.

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RVsitebuilder Dokcer (Coming Soon)

Bring your own built lavavel apps to use with website created by RVsitebuilder.

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Apps Marketplace (Coming Soon)

Build more profit by selling your own built laravel to our users all the world! See our Apps Marketpalce

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I'm a hosting provider

See through RVsitebuilder in hosting providers eyes view

Let's bring the new hosting provider style to your business together. Provide not only a website building tool but a business tool to your customers. Best of all, it's a real business tool for you!

What's New?
Aside from per-server licenses with unlimited websites, new things are on.

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New upgraded performance for the Installation and Update system

Installation that runs few minutes to complete.

Update-by-domain system that no longer requires root privilege by you, but a single button on your users' hand!

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Now supports both control panel and non-control panel servers

Break the wall of business barrier. No more limited access of RVsitebuilder!

No matter of having famous control panel providers or your own built one on your server, you can provide RVsitebuilder for your customers to let them create websites with you.

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One-step-complete to get into Laravel web hosting service

Be part of the change-makers to make your hosting business to laravel web hosting service.

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A real business tool (Coming Soon)

Now it's not only providing a cool website building tool to your customers. Let them wow first on a Tryout Website before ordering it. Later provide them Apps Marketplace for their future needs. ALL-IN-ONE for you and your customers now!