Welcome to RVsitebuilder Installation

Optional: You can also install RVsitebuilder version 6.4 on your server which has RVsitebuilder license here.

Control Panel Installer

For website on every control panel systems
Control Panel Installer

RVsitebuilder installation on DirectAdmin, ISPconfig, Plesk, and all other control panels

To install RVsitebuilder on your server, it requires a RVsitebuilder license. If your server doesn't have RVsitebuilder licensed, you can purchase it now here, or require a RVsitebuilder 15-day trial license here.

Installation Requirements

  • The server has to haveĀ RVsitebuilderĀ license.
  • PHP 7.3-7.4
  • MySQL 5.7+ Allow database
  • php extension 'mysqlnd','PDO','gd','curl','iconv','mbstring','zip','json','fileinfo','exif','bcmath','ctype','openssl','tokenizer','xml','pdo_mysql'
  • php ini config 'memory_limit' => 64M
  • ROOT privilege to access SSH and WHM.
  • Make sure the firewall on your server doesn't block the following domains.
  • By running installation command, it means you're agreed to accept our Software Agreement.

Installation Steps

  • Download RVsitebuilder Setup to your local computer.
    You will receive file name in this format "rvsitebuilder-service-setup-{release_version}-{release_id}.zip"
  • Upload Folder rvsitebuilder to /public_html/ or /www/
  • Unzip the setup file
  • Rename the file name (from number 1) to "rvsitebuilder"
  • Call the setup.php script for your domain name on browser http://mydomainname.com/rvsitebuilder/setup.php
  • Follow the setup steps until finish.

Once the installation is completed

  • RVsitebuilder CMS is promptly to create a website for your domain