Welcome to RVsitebuilder Installation

Optional: You can also install RVsitebuilder version 6.4 on your server which has RVsitebuilder license here.

Control Panel Installer

1-line command for cPanel server
sitebuilder on cpanel

RVsitebuilder installation on cPanel/WHM server

To install RVsitebuilder on your server, it requires a RVsitebuilder license. If your server doesn't have RVsitebuilder licensed, you can purchase it now here, or require a RVsitebuilder 15-day trial license here.

Installation Requirements

  • For cPanel WHM server that has RVsitebuilder license.
  • PHP 7.1.3
  • php extension 'mysqlnd','pdo','gd','curl','iconv','mbstring','zip','json'
  • php ini config 'memory_limit' >= 64M
  • php ini config 'max_execution_time' >= 90
  • ROOT privilege to access SSH and WHM.
  • Make sure the firewall on your server doesn't block the following domains.
  • By running installation command, it means you're agreed to accept our Software Agreement.

Additional Requirements for Cloudlinux

Recommended Minimum

  • IOPS = 1024
  • I/O Usage = 1024 KB/s

Installation Command

cd /usr/src; rm -fv rvsitebuilder7install.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvsitebuilder7install.sh; chmod +x rvsitebuilder7install.sh; ./rvsitebuilder7install.sh

Once the installation command is completed on SSH

  • RVsitebuilder 7 icon will be automatically appeared on control panel of every user.
  • RVsitebuilder icon for version 6 is still there and active. (if you have version 6 installed previously)
  • If you wish to restrict some of them to not see the new icon, you can set in WHM -> Packages.

Users View

    RVsitebuilder for cpanel

  • Now users on your server will see RVsitebuilder 7 icon to access.
  • When they select RVsitebuilder 7 icon, the domain selection will be the first to welcome them.
  • They will select one of the registered domains to create a website with RVsitebuilder 7.
  • Once they click save on RVsitebuilder 7 interface, the domain name will be ready for their new website by RVsitebuilder new version.
  • To access the Installation Manual.