RVsitebuilder 6.4 Features

Find out everything RVsitebuilder can do and discover how easily your users
can launch a website with RVsitebuilder.

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  • You can now use a large photo as sections or blocks background.
  • Added customizable Parallax effects for sections and blocks background image.
  • You can now adjust block property: Move, Duplicate, Set Parallax Effect, Delete.
  • You can now create image folders to categorize your photos in Image Manager.
  • Section layouts have been grouped into 12 categories for easier choosing.
  • Added new designs of section layouts more than 130 designs.


Drag and Drop Editor

Our easy-to-use editing engine makes it easier to create a professional website. Drag and drop to add then edit all your texts, images, and any elements instantly without any technical skills.

Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Customize everything on your site the way you want it. Our website builder supports many content layouts. With just a few edits, every site made with RVsitebuilder can be modern and unique.

Add Content Elements

Simply add any content elements like images, text, embed youtube, icons, buttons, and maps into place. With RVsitebuilder design tool, you can bring your idea to create an amazing website and grow your business faster.

Custom Headers and Footer

Impress your visitors with a beautiful customizable header. Create an image or slideshows and add any creative content into your website header banner. Customizable footer lets you tell more about your site or business and keep your visitors engaged.

Full-Width Color Backgrounds

Set the content of your page span the whole width of the page and gives it more room to breathe. Simply customize any elements such as color backgrounds or image to make modern designs website.

Unlimited Quantity of Pages & Website

Add as many web pages as you want and make your site well organized by creating subpages. There is no limit to an amount of sites you can create.

Add Own Custom Code or Embed HTML Code

Although no coding skills needed to create a site with RVsitebuilder, we also provide built-in code editor for advanced users. CSS and JS custom code can be applied to your template design. You can embed your HTML code into our edit window as well.

Image Manager

More intuitive control over all your photos. Easy uploading images and replacing images on your website. You can also import photos from Facebook to your site directly. The image editor lets you rotate, zoom in and out, flip images.


Made for Any Purpose of Websites

RVsitebuilder offers a broad range of professionally designed templates that scheme for any type of website.

Beautiful Templates

We provide free hundreds of responsive, beautiful templates that fit any business purpose. You get full control over each template. Our templates are flexible, so you can edit anything to make your unique design.


One of the best ways to structure your site and keep your site organized. Add more professional look by stacking independent horizontal sections into your page layout. Beautify your site with eye-catching web design by using a large full-screen photo as background and add parallax effects. Widgets tab has been moved into sections menu to make it faster for you to build a website.


Blocks let you split your sections into a smaller segment. Use blocks to create an impressive new brilliant design for your site. You can also simply manage block property.

Automatically Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Every website made with RVsitebuilder automatically includes an amazing experience on all device. All templates are built-in responsive and mobile-optimized.

Free RVsitebuilder Stock Images

Whether kind of website you are, we provide thousands of beautiful stock images for you to choose.

Image Albums

Showcase your images to create a fresh look website. Image albums and slideshows can be quickly added by dragging and dropping anywhere
on your site.

Insert Icon (Awesome Font)


Data & Content Management

Add Contact Form

Let your site audience get in touch with your by add a contact form with
our simple but efficient form builder.

Backup and Restore Your Website

Get a backup of your site and save data on your computer with a single
click - which can be used when you change your server or utilized for other purposes.

Social Media

Connect your site to your social media accounts with a social button.
Let visitors follow you on Facebook by adding a Facebook page bar.

Image Editor

Apply a variation of editing like scaling, round the edges of a picture, and more with our image editor to maximize visual impact.

Set Any Page as Draft

Not ready to publish some page? Create any draft page before publishing
is optional if you prefer.

Image Manager

New interface for image manager - easier to upload images and replace images on a website. Huge free image library. Import photos from Facebook to your site directly. The image editor that lets you rotate, zoom in and out, flip images.

Custom Favicon

Upload and manage the favicon of your site.

Multi-language User Interface

RVsitebuilder user interface provides 29 languages for you to choose.

Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Add Alt Text to Image

Get full control over images SEO on your website. Provide Google with
a description about your pictures to improving search engine indexing.

Custom Page Title and Head Tag

Create different page title and head tag for each page by following our easy guide will help your site get highly ranked in search results.

Add Meta Tag and Keywords

Help search engines find you by use search phrases and keywords to improve your ranking.

Admin - Hosting Provider

Fast Integration and Installation

Just a few steps to integrate and install with your server. We have
an easy-to-follow guide for you, so you can make everything done quickly.

Less Disk Space and Faster Speed

We make RVsitebuilder required less disk space which is just around
1.5 to 2.5 GB - and also improve loading speed.

Automatic Updates

Automatically keep your RVsitebuilder versions up-to-date when the newer version is available.

Fully management

If desired, you can disable or enable any site component or element from your users' website.

Premium Support

Our professional customer support team always ready to help you via live chat and support center.

Unlimited website per each server license.

For each server license - you get an unlimited quantity of sites that your customer created.